(877) 736-1607 enzabac@enzabac.com

Enzabac’s sales team covers a wide range of area and are eager to assist you with questions and product orders.

Enz-A-Bac’s sales representatives are listed below or you can contact our office for further assistance at (208) 736-1607 or email us.

Don Daley, P.A.S.
National Sales Manager
Email Don or contact him at (530) 517-1587

Jim Killen, Ph.D., P.A.S.
Rocky Mountain States & Southwestern U.S. Technical Sales
Email Jim or contact him at (307) 250-1571

Matt Genasci
California Sales
Email Matt or contact him at (209) 613-6708

Pete Verhoeven
California Sales
Email Pete or contact him at (559) 389-4394

Kent Scott
Idaho & Utah Sales
Email Kent or contact him at (208) 420-5998

Kevin Scallon, P.A.S.
Midwest & Northeast U.S. Sales
Email Kevin or contact him at (608) 445-0393