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George’s Story

We were asked to take George in August 2016. He was out in a large sage brush pasture in Salt Lake County. When we met George, he was an elderly, frail, bag of bones (no joke). He was around 200-300 pounds under weight and had a body score of 1.5. He had to lean into the wind to avoid tipping over. His mobility was limited to that of barley moving, and he rarely lifted his head past our chest. His back was covered in dried blood from Horse fly bites, and he had severe diarrhea . It was clear to us, that if we didn’t take him, he would not last long at all.

We moved George to a boarding property in Draper, UT where he has his own open pen, fully enclosed shelter and personal water trough. We immediately began free feeding timothy grass, and supplementing alfalfa flakes and Senior Feed morning and night. We had a dental expert come examine him and come to find out his back teeth were worn down to the gums. This explained the wads of chewed up grass we kept finding around his pen.

We made the switch to senior feed and alfalfa pellets soaked in warm water. We began to see progress both in his weight and his overall mental state. His personality began to show more and more. We brought in Larry Housley, our barefoot specialist to remove his shoes and trim his feet. Larry and his wife
Jenny recommended Enzabac Equi Pro Paste, and Enzabac Equi Pro Plus Daily powder. These supplements were easy to administer, and very fast acting.

A fellow boarder who was un aware we started this regimen came to us a couple days later amazed at Georges progress. He told us it was “an overnight difference” from the previous day, and he couldn’t believe it was the same horse. We had been told George was about 27 years old, but after beginning the supplements he had the energy and attitude of many horses 10 years his junior. During the winter George did lose some weight, It had been about six months since the last dose of the Equi Pro Paste. We administered another does and within a week the weight was back.

We have been amazed by the effectiveness of these products, and would highly recommend them to anyone with horses. We will continue to use them with George and all our other horses in the future.

— Jennie Housely

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