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Our Perspective

Enzabac has a unique perspective. We are technological innovators with our sights firmly focused on nourishing the world.
We are committed to:

• Nourishing animal performance and health
• Nourishing soil and plant health
• Nourishing human health
• Nourishing the human spirit

Enzabac does this by developing scientifically validated natural solutions that improve nutrition, health, and performance in production agriculture systems and companion animals worldwide.

Our Roots

We have deep roots firmly planted in the United States. Based in Twin Falls, Idaho with facilities and offices strategically located across the world, Enzabac has the ability to deliver solutions efficiently, affordably, and effectively on demand.

Our Validation

With nourishment in mind, Enzabac focuses on science based research, economically viable solutions, and developing long lasting relationships with committed partners around the world.

By nourishing production agriculture systems Enzabac is providing its customers with cost effective measures that promote the integrity of the animals, soil, or plants that we are nourishing. We are using proven scientific strategies to enhance performance and profitability while minimizing the detrimental effects of environmental variation.

Our Commitment

Enzabac is committed to supporting animal nutritionists, veterinarians, agronomists, and producers every day. Our experts are dedicated to serving our partners and customers with research and scientifically proven solutions that focus on their ever-changing needs.

Our Commitment says it all: Science and Nature in Balance.®