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ADVANTA HSY 2000 is produced from the introduction of selenium salt during active, aseptic, aerobic fermentation. During fermentation the temperature, pH, and percentage growth are closely regulated to assure proper uptake of selenium. This process produces a primary grown high protein yeast, which is fortified with a biologically bound mineral composition. The resulting product is washed, separated and held in refrigerated storage to assure cell viability and the absence of any “free” minerals. Prior to spray drying the chilled yeast cream is pasteurized through a high temperature sterilization system to assure that it meets or exceeds established U.S.D.A. food grade microbial requirements. Composite samples are collected during spray drying and packaging. The collected sample is analyzed for nutrient and microbial composition by an outside, independent, U.S.D.A. approved food and pharmaceutical grade laboratory. Once the product has met all QA/QC requirements it is released for sale with a supporting Certificate of Analysis.

ADVANTA HSY 2000 Product Profile


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